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A non-exhaustive list of previously-published articles

Columns at the Catholic Herald

Columns at the Umlaut

Reviews at Tiny Mix Tapes


"Hip, Hippie, Hooray," 8/7/2009, Washington Post

"When News is Propaganda," 6/6/2012, The American Conservative

"Monopolies for Monks," 8/10/2012, The American Conservative

"Objectivists for Empire," 9/10/2012, The American Conservative

"TSA Gone Wild: 8 Unexpected Ways the Government is Spying on You," 9/15/2012,

"The Problem with the Institute of Peace," 9/18/2012, The American Conservative

"Atlas Shrugs Back," 9/28/2012, The American Conservative

"Screening Liberty," 11/12/2012, The American Conservative

"The Right Way to Fix Copyright," 12/19/2012, The American Conservative

"Crony Copyright," 1/29/2013, The American Conservative

"Colonial Williamsburg Isn't Republican Disneyland," 4/8/2013, The American Conservative

"Civil War Comes Home," 6/24/2013, The American Conservative

"A Whig History of Pop Music," 8/18/2014, The American Interest

"The Socialist Party and the Old Right," 4/10/2015, Front Porch Republic

"What the $10 Bill Needs is the Face of a Woman, Pacifist Would-Be Senator on it," 7/19/2015, The Guardian

"Donald Trump is Under Fire from All Sides, That's What Gives Him his Power," 7/20/2015, The Guardian

"William Lind's Way of War," 10/17/2016, The American Conservative

"Defending a Few Hills and Valleys," 10/19/2017, Modern Age

"Welcome to Team Avocado, the Qanon of the Looney Left," 8/10/2018, The Spectator

"What's the Matter with Kansas? Trump Heads Inland to Find Out," 10/7/2018, The Spectator

"Baizuo Lessons," 1/17/2019, Quillette

"Ralph Northam's Family Owned at Least 84 Slaves," 2/28/2019, The Spectator

"Does Ralph Northam Know His Great-Grandfather was a White Supremacist Militant," 2/13/2019, The Spectator

Sharia Law: As American as Apple Pie," 4/15/2019, Daily Caller

"Disabled Elderly Government Employee Reported Harassment, Then Was Investigated For Hanging Official Photos Of President Trump," 5/20/2019, Daily Caller

Part one and part two of an interview with John McAfee

"Behind The Anti-Trump Cult That Publicized Multiple Fake Bomb Threats On Twitter," 7/12/2019, Daily Caller

"What Should Conservatives Do About Google?," 12/28/2019, American Spectator

"Why Republicans Should Not Go YIMBY, And HUD Should Get Rid Of Obama’s Fair Housing Rule Completely," 2/7/2020, Daily Caller

"China’s Long Tentacles Extend Deep Into American Media," 3/31/2020, The American Conservative

"Seven Questions For Oren Cass On The New Conservatism," 5/4/2020, The American Conservative

"Washington Shrugged," 5/20/2020, The American Conservative

"For Trumpism, Skeptical of Trump," 6/2/2020, The American Conservative
"Exclusive: How the Bidens Made Off with Millions in Chinese Cash," 11/3/2020, The American Conservative
"Did Hunter Biden Help Facilitate NBCUniversal’s Beijing Theme Park?" 11/3/2020, The American Conservative
"The Knoxville Kingpin Who Wasn't," 11/24/2020, The American Conservative
"A Restoration Agenda for Congress," 12/21/2020, The American Conservative
"Why Republicans Still Shouldn't Join an Impeachment Effort," 1/12/2021, The American Conservative
"A Capitol Riot Commission Done Right," 3/2/2021, The American Conservative
"Why Foreign Policy Restraint Has to Be Part of the GOP's Realignment," 3/9/2021, The American Conservative
"A Few Curious Details from January 6," 3/10/2021, The American Conservative
"Seb Gorka Doesn’t Want To Talk About His Breakfast With A British Spook," 3/11/2021, The American Conservative
"Something Is Rotten In The Georgia Secretary Of State’s Office," 3/17/2021, The American Conservative

"Russian Bounties Story Was One More Deep-State Attempt to Hurt Trump," 4/15/2021, New York Post

"Trumpism Lite, the Think Tank," 4/20/2021, The American Conservative
"The Gaetz Scandal Isn't About Matt Gaetz," 4/28/2021, The American Conservative
"Cheney Had to Go, But Stefanik Only Postpones the Inevitable," 5/14/2021, Newsweek

"The Media Allowed Itself to be Duped by One Man on COVID-19," 6/22/2021, New York Post

"Of Course the FBI Was Infiltrating Jan 6 Groups," 6/22/2021, The American Conservative

"The Liberal Case for Facial Recognition," 8/27/2021, Newsweek

"Havana Syndrome is Obviously a Hoax," 9/27/2021, UnHerd

"Is Pegasus Peeping on your iPhone?" 11/18/2021, American Spectator

Google series of exclusives at the Daily Caller

"Meet The Five Googlers Who Circulated The Petition Against Kay Coles James"

"Applause At Google's All-Hands Meeting As Company Drops Heritage Foundation President"

"Documents Detailing Google’s ‘News Blacklist’ Show Manual Manipulation Of Special Search Results"

"Google Quietly Pushes Back On Media 'Blacklist' Story, But Offers No Specifics"

"Google Engineer Who Called Sen. Blackburn A 'Terrorist' Belongs To 'Cult' Led By Former Porn Star"

"One Of The Googlers Who Started The Petition Against Heritage President Is Claiming Retaliation"

"Google Sister Company Using SPLC Data To Develop Comment Moderation Engine"

"Republican Google Engineer Writes Open Letter About Company's 'Outrage Mobs' And 'Witch Hunts'"

"Google Fires Republican Engineer Who Spoke Out Against 'Outrage Mobs'"

"REVEALED: Two More Google Blacklists Designed To Remove 'Fringe Domains' And Op-Eds From Special Search Results"

"Read The Craziest Items From Google's Internal Microaggressions Newsletter"

"Google's Anti-Harassment Training Identifies Failing To Use 'They' Pronouns As A 'Problem'"

"REVEALED: Google's 'Respectful Code' Policy To Edit Politically Incorrect Terms From Software, Including 'Trumpssh'"

"Ex-Google Engineer Made Troubling Posts On Listservs About Richard Spencer, Golden State Skinheads"

"Senior Google Employee Appears To Have Assaulted Pro-Life Activist Near DC Planned Parenthood"


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